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Powerpuff Girls

Haley voices Princess Morbucks!

Wish It, Inc.

Watch Haley play the sarcastic and curmudgeony, yet loveable wish operator Yvette in "Wish It, Inc"!

Boozy Mom

Haley plays Amy's drunk best friend in Boozy Mom, now also featured on HelloGiggles!

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Love Me Cat

"Love Me Cat" is the brainchild of Eric Kaplan ("Big Bang Theory") and stars himself, Andy Bobrow ("Community"), and me, as Sheepy, the lone audience member!


Produced in association with MyDamnChannel.

The Most Popular Girls in School

MPGiS is one of YouTube's most popular scripted series. Haley plays Trisha 2, the other half of very, very dumb cheerleader Trisha 1. They're a match made in Heaven.

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