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About Me

I'm a performer, writer, host, and voiceover actress in Los Angeles. I've studied and performed with the Upright Citizens Brigade, Boom Chicago in Amsterdam, The Groundlings, and iO West.

I've just wrapped work as head writer of Harriet the Spy for Apple TV, and the show I worked on previously, The Last Kids on Earth, for which I was a writer and actor, won a 2020 Emmy Award. I was the story editor and the voice of Princess Morbucks on "The Powerpuff Girls" for Cartoon Network. My episode "Once Upon a Townsville" was nominated for a 2016 Emmy Award. I've also written for Nickelodeon's "The Loud House," I've also written for ABC's "Paper Dolls" (adult sketch comedy).


Look for me on episodes of "Shameless", "Mad Men", "24", and "Weeds". I've also starred in a number of popular webseries, such as Comedy Central's "Video Game Reunion" and "The Most Popular Girls in School".

I also love cats and crossword puzzles, so now you know everything.




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